Please stop PRing Route::view to the Laravel repo

Please stop PRing Route::view to the Laravel repo

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Since Route::view() was first introduced as an alternative to route closures, there have been various PRs (22+ at the time of this writing) to the laravel/laravel repository to update the default welcome route to use this new feature.

The change was (and keeps being) rejected because the closure-based approach is better for prototyping, as Taylor said in the first PR that implemented the change.

That's it guys, the BDFL has spoken, let's move on and... guys? are you listening?

And if you think that pushing this change again may change Taylor's mind, take a look at #4598, #4569, #4498, #4481, #4443, #4439, #4437, #4424, #4410, #4403, #4401, #4400, #4398, #4396, #4395, #4391, #4386, #4381, #4378, #4367, #4310 or #4681. All these Pull Requests introduced the same change, and all of them were rejected.

So, if someone linked this article from your PR, do the maintainers a favour and close it. And remember that it's generally a good practice to search if someone else has proposed your change before you do it :)

Happy coding!

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