Announcing the public idea directory

Announcing the public idea directory

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Whenever I have a cool idea, I write it down. I started doing this to get it out of my brain and be able to concentrate (I'd become obsessed otherwise) but it has also turned down to be a great resource for project inspiration. Whenever I feel a bit burned out, I can start a new (small) side project and get excited again.

But the list has gotten pretty big and complex recently. Ideas for little packages I could hack around in a weekend have been gradually substituted by big SaaS app ideas it'd take me months to build.

So I've decided to do something productive with those big ideas that have been sitting in my list for a while.

When I launched UnMarkDocs, I wrote a big article explaining what it was about, what problems it solved, how it worked and a lot more. I plan to do the exact same thing but for non-existent products. I'll write launch-like articles explaining the idea in depth and maybe even outline how I'd implement it!

I'm already working in the first article (Here's a hint: something something docker SaaS), so stay tuned. You can subscribe to my newsletter below to read it as soon it goes out or support me on Patreon to read it and give feedback even before it's published.

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