Hey Laracon! Here's what I've been working on

I anticipate that I'll get asked what I've been working on a lot of times, so here's a list:


Blogcast has been my main focus since I started in on January (here's an article about that if you want to know more). Blogcast is a SaaS app that generates audio versions of your articles using AI or, in short, converts your blog into a podcast.

The last major change I made to Blogcast was upgrading the Cashier version to support SCA. You can read more about how I migrated in this article.

Sounds interesting? Give it a try! If you try it out and find me I'll give you some cool Blogcast stickers 😉


I started Connla this summer. I started livestreaming its development every day but ended up abandoning it two weeks later due to a family trip to New York. I still plan on finishing it at some point, but for now, here's what I have:

Walkthrough of the Connla UI 


Taskmail is another summer project I started to learn something new. It started as a challenge to design an UI entirely using Sketch (instead of directly in the browser, like I normally do). I liked the result so much I ended up building a Vue SPA and hooking it into the Gmail API. It's also in an unfinished state, and I haven't decided what I want to do with it yet. If you want to take a peek, here's a screenshot of the UI I first designed.

Taskmail UI
Don't mind the weird borders, it's Dribble's fault

Spotify Prototype

I started playing with the idea of making a music-central social network a week ago, and decided to first design a Vue prototype to test out how I wanted the UI to look like. Then, yesterday, I finally hooked it up with Inertia.js and the the Spotify API and started working on actually making it work.

If you want to see how it looks, find me at Laracon and I'll show you from my phone!


Finally, I've been really focused on delivering original content on my newsletter every Saturday. It's a mix of updates on personal projects (like the page you're reading), thoughts and ideas, early access to drafts before I publish them & more cool stuff.

If you want to check it out, you can subscribe here and get the special LaraconEU edition this Saturday!